Cathleen J Daum

You know that moment when you have found what it is that you love to do, and everything in your life fits together peacefully.

I've always loved photography and I cannot begin to imagine living my life without my camera. I love that a simple picture can capture those times and moments we can never relive. I love that a photo can freeze age and bring a moment back to life! I love that a simple glance of a photo can leave you smiling or have your face soaked from happy tears! My hope for myself is just that...to capture a picture so precious that it has you looking back at it years later with a smile!

I started photography back in High School in the 70's with film, then went on to shoot and developed my own B&W's in the later 70's and 80's.
After many years of raising my family I wanted something to fill my life again. Photography! Soon it became an obsession with me, and not a day goes by that I don't take a picture. It could be just a sunset sky on my front porch, glancing out the window from my living room, or out in my car, and see a bird, I have a camera with me at all times.

I love life, laughter, and nature, and capturing it. It is a lifetime of a beautiful memory.

If you'd like to get in front of my camera, and experience the effects of my love for photography, shoot me an E Mail at cjdcathyd@yahoo.com or give me a call at 717 880-8857